ANF food for dogs. ANF food for cats

ANF food for dogs. ANF food for cats The company that created ANF was established in 1955 in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, by Wilfred Ross and Loyal Wells. The company was known as Ross-Wells, and it supplied fresh-frozen poultry, beef, and fish products to mink and fox breeders. To improve product quality, a unique manufacturing method was developed in 1966 to process fresh meat products into a dry food form. This process preserved the nutritional value of the ingredients and further stabilized the products' shelf life. It became apparent that a similar quality product to that which worked so well with fur-bearing animals would work equally well with dogs and cats. ANF was thus introduced in the mid-1970s as one of the first super premium pet foods in the world. In a continuation of its tradition of innovation, ANF has now successfully developed the world's first application of advanced oxygen-limited packaging for pet food.
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