JEAN PIERRE HERY Sec Poils Longs - Long coat Dry shampoo

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JEAN PIERRE HERY Sec Poils Longs - Long coat Dry shampoo

Producers: Jean Pierre Hery

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  • 150ml
  • Price: 17.61€

  • 400ml
  • Price: 27.39€


    Dry shampoo spray for long-haired dogs


    Product description:

    Delicate powder spray, developed based on natural ingredients, including rice starch. It does not contain talc and minerals that dry out the skin and hair, so that it can be used as often as desired. Restores hair clean between baths. Absorbs dirt and grease. Designed specifically for long-haired dogs with rough hair (shih- tzu, pekingese). It is invaluable in preparing for exhibitions improves roughness, increases the volume and also enhances the whiteness.

    Not suitable for long, silky hair because it will stiffen the coat.



    Protect eyes and nose of the animal. Spray the hair from a distance of 20 - 30 cm , bending successively layers so as to get the powder reach the skin. Leave for a few minutes and then brush the hair .

    Note: Before use, turn the container upside down and shake vigorously until you hear the bugles, because unused for a long time, powder settles on the bottom of the package.



    extremely useful in preparing dogs for shows. Whitens and brightens the hair and increases its volume.

    On exhibitions if the temperature approaches zero, keep the container in warm place, in the pocket, close to the body, because at low temperatures the spray device can be locked .


    Product can mask stains on the coat. To do this, spray the hair from a distance of 2 - 3 inches. No brush, just rub the powder with your fingers. Make sure that the formulation does not get into eyes.


    Developed under veterinary supervision


    Packing: 150ml

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