Josera food for dgs and cats

Josera food for dgs and cats The German company Josera for over 65 years produces food for dogs, based on the most stringent standards. Josera pet food have been developed based on the latest research of a team of specialists, produced in harmony with the environment and tested in their own laboratory. The high acceptance of food by dogs and cats has been confirmed in a number of practical tests. A key element of the quality of Josera is to choose the most natural, high quality ingredients. Production of food uses no genetically modified raw materials but irreplaceable ingredients such as corn, potatoes, barley, which are supplied only from selected partners in the region. Josera is extremely valuable and safe food for your dog.

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JOSERA Carismo 400g


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Is your cat in senior age or suffers from chronic kidney failure?   Josera Carismo with decreased amount of phosphorus and with addition of valuable antioxidants is an ideal food for senior cats or cats with chronic renal failure.   - decreased amount of phosphorus helps the kidneys. - val

JOSERA Catelux 400g


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Is your cat a real gourmet and hairballs are really the problem?   Josera Catelux is an ideal solution. A complete food with delicious duck and potatoes with increased content of dietary fibre is a perfect food for picky cats, which have tendency to swallow hair and therefore to forming hairbal

JOSERA Culinesse - food with salmon for cats 400g

Josera Culinesse – food with poultry and salmon for picky cats.   Josera Emotion Culinesse with delicate poultry and salmon is an unique food for picky cats.   Cats spend a lot of time on their fur care. They often swallow hair, which, formed in balls can cause constipation or other

JOSERA Marinesse 400g

JOSERA Marinesse with plenty of delicious salmon is optimal food for cats with a taste for fish. The food is also ideal for cats suffering from feed intolerances. The exceptional ingredients include only protein derived from well tolerated salmon, rice, and potatoes. This makes it the ideal food for

JOSERA SensiCat - for picky cats with sensitive stomach 400g

Josera SensiCat – food for cats with sensitive stomach.   Josera Emotion SensiCat is a high digestible food that in minimal way overload intestines of your cat. Emotion SensiCat contains special, dietary fibre, thanks to what an optimal intestinal flora is preserved and hair is removed in

JOSERA Salmon & Potato 1,5kg


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A grain free pleasure for our chow hounds: salmon and potato, with herbs and fruits. Due to the low protein and energy content and the moderate mineral content, it is also eminently suitable for older dogs. With 19% dried salmon as the only source of protein (corresponds to about 65 g of fresh meat

JOSERA Wellpenstarter - milk for puppies 2,5kg

Milk for puppies - very well suited for additional feeding the puppies in the case of shortage of milk in females or independent feeding.     Ingredients:   Milk and dairy products, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, mineral.s     Analysis:   Proteins 21% Lysine

JOSERA Miniwell - for small breeds 4kg

Josera Miniwell – food for adult small breed dogs.   Josera Miniwell is particularly dedicated for small breed dogs. High share of easy digestible poultry and rice guarantees better digestibility. Vitalizing act of yeast supports gastrointestinal tract. Content of proteins and fats is esp

JOSERA Classic 10kg

Josera Classic – food with chicken and salmon for cats.   Cat are the most delicate and sensitive domestic animals. Those features consider also their culinary tastes. ClassiCat is a food, that make your cat eat healthy and tasty.   Addition of chicken and salmon is a secret of its p

JOSERA JosiCat 10kg

Josera JosiCat – a daily portion of health and energy.   JosiCat is a tasty and easy digestible food, willingly chosen by cats. Rich composition of JosiCat means a properly balanced proteins, energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to JosiCat, your cat will be healthy and full of ene

JOSERA JosiCat Duck & Fish 10kg

Complete feed for adult cats Exquisite meal with the mouth-watering taste of duck and fish Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives No added soy, sugar or milk products   Composition:cereals; meat and animal by-products (duck meat meal 4%

JOSERA Leger Light 10kg

Josera Leger – food for obese or castrated cats.   Josera Emotion Leger with reduced content of fat is a perfect food for cats with lower activity level, obese or castrated. Increased amount of fillers causes feeling of satiety along with small income of energy. With feeding adopted to ne

JOSERA Minette Kitten 10kg


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Josera Kitten – complete food for kittens.   Josera Emotion Minette is an energetic, easy digestible and particularly tasty food for growing cats. Proper amount of vitamins, minerals and microelements supports a healthy development of your pets. Taurine cares for good metabolism, acts pos

Josera Nature Cat 10kg


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JOSERA NatureCat is a true pleasure for all adventurers. Grain-free and with an extra serving of delicious poultry and salmon. With 29 % dried poultry and 10 % dried salmon (corresponds to roughly 130 g of fresh meat per 100 g dry kibble) Selected herbs and healthy fruits are the finishing touch to

JOSERA Snaxx - snacks for dogs 10kg


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Snaxx – snacks between meals. Biting of Snaxx improves blood circulation in the gums and strengthen the teeth. Thanks to it the teeth are strong, healthy and resistant to damages. Snaxx – healthy taste.   Ingredients: Grains, meat meal and animal side products, oils and fats, vegeta

JOSERA Agilo - food with salmon for active dogs 15kg

Josera Agilo – food with addiction of salmon for active dogs.   High quality food for large active dogs. Agilo is more that just high valuable standard. It is a specially balanced food for adult, large active dogs. Optimally calculated daily dose will ensure the dog with strength and idea

JOSERA Balance Light & Senior 15kg

Josera Balance – food for senior and less active dogs.   Josera Emotion Balance for dogs with reduced activity and senior dogs. It is an easy digestible and tasty food with decreased content of proteins and small amount of fat, adopted to needs of senior or less active dogs. Josera Emotio

JOSERA Family - for females and puppies 15kg

Josera Family – food for females and puppies.   Josera Emotion Family is a food with high concentration of proteins and energy, suited to needs of pregnant females and young puppies. Food administrated to females in last, third phase of pregnancy supports proper development of embryos and

JOSERA Family Plus 15kg


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Tasty food for our mothers-to-be and puppies: The special formula not only covers a bitch‘s special requirement from the last trimester of pregnancy until the end of the nursing period. It also supplies unborn puppies with all the necessary nutrients and continues to do so during the nursing p

JOSERA Festival - for picky dogs 15kg

Josera Festival – food with duck, rice, salmon and a delicious sauce for picky dogs.   Addition of salmon, rice and a delicious sauce will make Josera Emotion Festival will a delicacy for your pet. Food is an optimal solution for canine gourmets and can be served to domestic and companion
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